About me

This is my little piece of the internet where I can keep and share my diary about my son. I normally have a lot to say in the real world, so we shall see how I get alone in the world of blogging.

When not plodding about the internet we enjoy cooking, gardening and going out & about. Before I begun my Maternity Leave I worked for the good old NHS. I am passionate about the work I do, especially when it concerns mental health or learning disabilities.

I am happy to talk about the products we use, both the good and bad. I always strive to be honest :)

My son was born in sunny June and my life has since completely changed. We practice attachment parenting the best we can. Don't get everything 100% right, but I am proud of where we are today.

We co-sleep, clot-bum, breastfeed and practice baby wearing (as much as possible). If sometimes my grammar and spelling seem off, that is most probably due to a wriggly baby bouncing on my knee, he likes to help his Mummy type, but I will always go back and sort it.

E-mail: berniebiron87@gmail.com

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